Lecture Programme


The following lectures have been confirmed for the 2023 - 2024 Season


13 September: London's Industrial Archaeology,  Prof David Perrett (Chairman, Association of Industrial Archaeology) 

11 October: Biofabrication Techniques in Organ and Tissue Engineering, Dr Alexander Justin, Cambridge University

8 November: Cancer in the English Prison Population,  Dr Elizabeth Davies, Head, Centre for Cancer, Society & Public Health, King's College, London 

13 December: Modelling the Upper Atmospheres of Planets in and out of the Solar System, Prof Alan  Aylward, UCL


10 January: What's in a Name? The Use of Onomastics for Science Policy, Dr Grant Lewison,

  RSS Council

14 February: Urban Greening to Combat Climate Change (working title), Dusty Gedge, European Federation of Green Roof & Wall Assocs 

13 March: The Millennium Seed Bank Partnership, Dr Aisyah Faruk, RBG Kew

10 April: TBA

8 May: Science on Ice: The US Antarctic Programme, Mike Lucibella. UCL