Lecture Programme


The following lectures have been confirmed for the 2022 - 2023 Season


14 September: Interstellar Travel by Prof Alan Aylward emeritus Professor UCL

12 October: The Thames Tideway Project by Sanna Shabir of Thames Water

9 November: Conversational AI by Dr Julie Wall, UEL

14 December: Is it Possible to Live a Carbon Zero Life? by Dr Michael Podesta

11 January: Lessons from the Inquest into the Deaths of Diana Princess of Wales
and Dodi Al Fayed by Prof Atholl Johnston

8 February: The New NPL Optical Atomic Clock by Dr Rachel Godun, NPL

8 March: Artificial Intelligence and Alzheimer's, Prof Eric Aboagye,  Imperial

12 April: Fusion Power.. .Within our grasp? by Robin Stafford Allen, Culham (Retired)

10 May: Cancer in the English Prison Population by Dr Elizabeth Davies