Located in Ham, Richmond MakerLabs is an all-inclusive space for people with an interest in DIY and craft. The space features computer facilities, electronics lab, laser cutting, 3D printing, CNC machinery, metal lathe, kitchen facilities, informal wood shop, and more.

There is a hobby interest in Internet of Things (IoT), carpentry, biohacking, amateur radio, brewing, gardening, and sewing/knitting too.

RML comprises a community workshop providing tools and facilities for individual projects.
More importantly, it is a space where skills and knowledge are freely shared, and each
individual learns how to accomplish his or her goal by doing, asking and persevering.
It is not a place for formal teaching but rather a place for self-guided learning.  Members are always there to help with repairing or constructing if they can.

Additionally, RML undertakes projects to provide technical service of benefit to the local
community.  An example of this is a 'Countdown' screen in the local library, showing the
expected times of buses at the bus stops outside. 

A jolly crowd in their 'Little House', Tuesday 27 August 2019  (photo from RML website)

Richmond Scientific Society made a donation in September 2018 towards small tools and consumable materials. RML members make a voluntary £1 per visit donation, which covers some essentials, and individuals are expected to provide the materials for their own projects. However, in order to be able to repair members' items or get people going on new ideas, some materials are provided free, or for free use for the duration of the project.

A sum of £403 was paid, for purchase of a list of:

These will help towards a lot of projects, whose progress we'll document.


13th December 2018:

Andrés instructing on FreeCad, for laser cutting and 3D printing


Jon and Paul working to add an ammeter to the laser cutter

Jane helping Garrett
Many hands make (outside) light work!

30th January 2019

Members collaborating on fixing some domestic electronic gadgets

First attempts at cutting a thread on the lathe. The gearbox stripped its gears, so some money from the RSS donation was used for the parts to repair it.