All Saints Primary School:   

Replacement Headphones

We used your kind grant to purchase the wireless head-phones and then, of course, Covid took over and we went to remote learning.

We then found that we needed some adaptation to our computer systems in school, as the head-phones would not link to the children's accounts because of our filtering system. We put in a request to our Governors' Fund for the purchase of the required dongles to work around the issue. In the meantime our Governors then agreed to update our IT systems and hardware as a whole package and we are now waiting for all of the head-sets to be linked via Bluetooth to the computers in our Computing Suite; we are waiting for our Tech Support to complete this.

Some of the head-sets have been linked as a trial run and the photograph shows these being used in a lesson.

Once they are all up and running, they will be an invaluable asset to teaching and learning, not just in our dedicated Computing lessons but across our curriculum; especially our Reading intervention programme, Rapid Read. I will give you an update when this happens!

Thank you and your Society once again for the grant.