Earlier Lectures

                                                            From 2001 to 2015

Richmond Scientific Society Programme 2014-15

10 Sep, Climate, ocean and the hydrogen imperative, Mike Koefman, Planet Hydrogen

1 Oct, Graphene-based metrology, Preceded by the Annual General Meeting. Wine & Nibbles after the talk, Dr J T Janssen,National Physical Laboratory

22 Oct,  Fisheries: predicting the consequences of ocean management, Dr Stuart Rogers, CEFAS, DEFRA, Lowestoft

12 Nov Optical radiometry in support of earth observation and climate measurement, Dr Nigel Fox, National Physical laboratory

10 Dec, The long carry: how stretcher bearers of the Great War transformed military medicine. (Christmas meeting with wine and nibbles), Dr Emily Mayhew, Medical historian, Imperial College

21 Jan, Pollen and forensic science, Dr Michael Keith-Lucas, University of Reading, plant scientist (retired)

18 Feb, Adventures and advances in medical physics as seen from the viewpoint of a small local consultancy company, Dr Alan Calverd

18 Mar, Lecture for National Science Week, 100 years of aircraft from Kingston upon Thames, David Hassard, The Hawker Association

15 Apr, Pioneering laser anemometry in the wind industry, Dr Michael Harris, Chief Scientist, ZephIR Lida

13 May, Half Life: Bruno Pontecorvo, father of neutrino astronomy, but was he also an atomic spy? Prof Frank Close, University of Oxford

Richmond Scientific Society Programme 2013-14

11 Sep, Atmospheric measurements from small airborne platforms, Dr Keri Nicoll, University of Reading

2 Oct, The story of noise, Preceded by the Annual General Meeting. Wine & Nibbles after the talk, Dr Mike Goldsmith, science writer

23 Oct, 3D photography from 1841 to the present: an illustrated talk, Colin Metherell, Stereoscopic Society

13 Nov, A growing problem - invasive pests of plants in Britain, Dr Andrew Halstead, Royal Horticultural Society entomologist (retired)

11 Dec, Dinosaur sociality: crests, colours and signalling,  (Christmas meeting with wine and nibbles), Dr David Hone, Queen Mary, University of London

22 Jan, Life histories & evolution in Hawaiian lepidoptera, Dr Klaus Sattler, Natural History Museum

19 Feb, How do you know what the temperature is?, Dr Michael de Podesta, National Physical Laboratory

19 Mar, Lecture for National Science Week, Materials for fusion power, Prof Steve Roberts, University of Oxford

16 Apr, Fracking in the United Kingdom, Prof Peter Simpson, Imperial College London

14 May, Creativity in arts and science

Richmond Scientific Society Programme 2012-13

12 Sep. Autism, Dr. Emily Mayhew, Imperial College

3 Oct, Colour in Diamonds, Preceded by the Annual General Meeting, Wine and Nibbles, Douglas Garrod, Gemmological Association

24 Oct, Marine Life in action, Dr. Paul Naylor, marinephoto.co.uk

14 Nov, Alan Turing and the Cracking of the Enigma, Simon Singh, science writer and broadcaster

12 Dec, Cold Atom Clocks for Time and Space, Christmas meeting with wine and nibbles), Prof. Patrick Gill, National Physical Laboratory

23 Jan, The Thames Tideway Tunnel, Jatin Seejore, Deputy Delivery Manager

27 Feb, The Impact of Lasers on the World, Prof. Stephen Sweeney, University of Surrey

20 Mar, Lecture for National Science Week, The Zoological Society of London's Citizen Science Programme: Monitoring of eel migration in the Thames, Joe Pecorelli, biologist

17Apr, Exoplanets, Dr. Patrick Josephs-Franks, Royal Astronomical Society

15 May, The Global Crisis in the Nutrition of the Brain, Prof. Michael Crawford, Imperial College

Richmond Scientific Society Programme 2011-12

14 Sep, Life on Mars, Steven Cutts, Surgeon and writer

5 Oct, Renewable Energy Programme in Richmond, Preceded by the Annual General Meeting, Wine and Nibbles, James Heather, Project Manager

26 Oct, The far future of the Sun and life in the Solar System, Dr Ian A Crawford, Birkbeck College, London

16, Nov, Science and Archaeology, Dr Caroline Cartwright, British Museum

14 Dec, Plants and People in the Amazon, (Christmas meeting with wine and nibbles), Dr William Milliken, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.


 25 Jan, Nuclear Power - after Fukushima, Prof Paul Leonard, Brunel University

22 Feb, The Science of Multiple Sport Sprints, Dr Mark Glaister, St Mary's University College, Twickenham

14 Mar, Keynote Lecture for National Science Week, Titanium and Bone, Dr Dev Patel, Eastman Dental Institute, UCL

18 Apr, The World's First Computer - the Antikythera project, Dr Tony Freeth, Images First Ltd.

16 May, The IncredibleShrinkingLaboratory:,Microfluidics and Nanochemistry, Prof Andrew deMello, ETH Zurich, Imperial College

Richmond Scientific Society Programme 2010-11

15 Sep, Alkaline Sub-Ocean Vents: the Cradle of Life? Dr Nick Lane, University College London

6 Oct, Sustainable Urban Water Systems, Preceded by the Annual General Meeting, Wine and Nibbles, Dr Sarah Bell, University College London

27 Oct, Optical Fibres in Civil Engineering, Dr Binod Amatya, Halcrow Group

24 Nov, Mammoths, Prof Adrian Lister, Natural History Museum, London

15 Dec, Mountains Under the Sea, (Christmas meeting with wine and nibbles), Prof Tony Watts, Oxford University

26 Jan, Global Warming: from first principles, Dr Michael de Podesta, National Physical Laboratory

23 Feb, Desert Margins - a modern botanical exploration, Prof Stephen Hopper, Director, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

16 Mar, Keynote Lecture for National Science Week, Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, Dr Stephen Hall, National Oceanographic Centre, Southampton

20 Apr, Pharmacy Then and Now: The Chelsea Physic Garden, Christine Hodgson, Garden guide

18 May, Redefining Time: Optical Atomic Clocks, Dr Anne Curtis, National Physical Laboratory

Richmond Scientific Society Programme 2009-10

16 Sep, The History of the Greenwich Time Service, David Rooney, Science Museum, London

7 Oct, NPL Timekeeping Today, Preceded by the Annual General Meeting, Wine and Nibbles, Peter Whibberley, National Physical Laboratory

28 Oct, What Is Colour and How Do We Measure It?, Andrew Hanson, Chairman, The Colour Group of Great Britain

25 Nov, Saturn, Titan and Enceladus: recent results from Cassini, Prof Andrew Coates, Mullard Space Science, Laboratory UCL

16 Dec, Saving the Planet with a Computer, (Christmas meeting with wine and nibbles), Dr Graham Higley, Natural History Museum

27 Jan, A Journey through Space - From Infinity to Richmond in 40 Minutes, Dr Colin Hicks, Retired physicist

24 Feb, Solar Eclipses, Fantastic Events, Jerry Workman
Richmond & Kew Astronomical Society

17 Mar, Keynote Lecture for National Science Week, Plants, Animals and Time, Prof William Chaloner, Royal Holloway, University of London

21 Apr, Darwin: An Inspiration for the 21st Century, Prof Anthony Campbell, Wales College of Medicine, and  director of The Darwin Centre

19 May

The Environmental Effects of Genetically Modified Crops, Prof Rosie Hails MBE, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology

Richmond Scientific Society Programme 2008-09


17 Sep Rainbows, Halos and Glories, Prof Alan Davies,  University of Hertfordshire

1 Oct Brain and Cognitive Changes in Ageing  Preceded by the Annual General Meeting, Wine and Nibbles, Dr Rebecca Charlton, St.George's Hospital, UCL National Physical Laboratory

22 Oct The Ecology of Richmond and Bushy Parks, Dr Nigel Reeve, Community Ecologist for the Royal Parks

12 Nov Desktop Manufacturing with Multiple Materials, Prof Julian Evans, University College London

10 Dec Gemstones (Christmas meeting with wine and nibbles), Douglas J Garrod, The Gemmological Association


21 Jan, Shake, Rattle & Roll: vibration effects at Hampton Court festivals, Dr Ian Gibb, The Historic Royal Palaces

18 Feb The Tide is High: planning for future floods, Rachael Hill, The Environmental Agency

11 Mar Keynote Lecture for Science Week, Science and the Public - the priorities and pitfalls for public engagement, Sir Roland Jackson, Chief Executive of the British Science Association

22 Apr The Experiences of a Concorde Pilot, Captain David Leney, (retired)

13 May Nuclear Power, Pollution and Public Assessment, Prof Paul Leonard, visiting at Brunel & Plymouth Universities

Richmond Scientific Society Programme 2007-08


Wed 19th Sept Drug Free Sport, Michael Stow BSc, Science Co-ordinator, UK Sport

Wed 10th Oct, Measuring the Brightness of the Sun, Preceded by the Annual General Meeting, Wine and Nibbles, Dr Eric Usadi, National Physical Laboratory

Wed 24th Oct, Nuclear Fusion, Professor Chris Warwick, Culham Science Centre

Wed 14th Nov, Busy Bees at Rothamstead, Norman Carreck, Rothamstead Research Centre

Wed 12th Dec Palaeontology of Reindeer, (Christmas meeting with wine and nibbles), Professor Adrian Lister, Natural History Museum


Wed 23rd Jan, U F Os the M O D Project, Nick Pope

Wed 27th Feb, The Time of the Sundials, Douglas Bateman, The British Sundial Society

Wed 12th March, Nanotechnology: Why all the fuss? Dr Richard Jackman, University College London

Wed 23rd April Wind Tunnel Testing of Structures, Tom Wyatt, Imperial College London

Wed 28th May, The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence, Dr John Ponsonby

 Richmond Scientific Society Programme 2006-07


Wed 27th Sept, The Expanding Universe and Dark Energy, Mike Goldsmith, National Physical Laboratory

Wed 11th Oct, AGM with wine and cheese, and bring-and-buy book sale, and Picture Restoration, a short presentation by Robert Mitchel

Wed 25th Oct, Stem Cells: Hope or Horror, Professor Chris Higgins, Hammersmith Hospital

Wed 15th Nov, Computer Consciousness, Professor Igor Aleksander, Imperial College London

Wed 13th Dec, Mistletoe (Christmas meeting with wine and nibbles), Tyrell Marris, Linnean Society, GLA Species Action Plan


Wed 24th Jan, Mirror Images, Anti-Matter and Time Reversal, Professor I P Kalmus, Queen Mary's College

Wed 28th Feb, Population and Control: The Human Situation, Dr Bernard Soole,

Wed 14th March, Zeolites: crystal architecture based on nets and tiles, Robert Bell,The Royal Institution

Wed 25th April, Fluorescence: Lifetime Imaging for Biomedicine, Professor Paul French, Imperial College, London

Wed 16th May, Medicinal Use of Herbs, Monique Simmonds, Jodrell Laboratory, Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew

Richmond Scientific Society Programme 2005-06

Wed 28th Sept 2005, The Biological Basis of Belief. Prof. Lewis Wolpert FRS, University College London

Wed 19th Oct 2005, AGM with wine and cheese, and bring-and-buy book sale, and Brunel and the Thames Tunnel, a short presentation by Laura Weaver, Education Officer, Brunel Engine House

Wed 26th Oct 2005, Mobile Phones - is it safe to phone home? Dr Michael de Podesta, National Physical Laboratory

Wed 23rd Nov 2005, Underground Coal Gasification

Kenneth J Fergusson recently Chief Executive of the Coal Authority, now retired

Wed 14th Dec 2005, Aspects of Conservation in Book Binding (with Christmas wine and nibbles), Marysa de Veer,  The Otter Bindery, Addlestone

Wed 25th Jan 2006, The Forensic Examination of Documents, Oliver Thorne, Laboratory of the Government Chemist

Wed 22nd Feb 2006, G M Crops - Friends or Foes?, Prof Peter Bramley, Royal Holloway College, University of London

Wed 22nd March 2006, Moral Messages of Science, Prof Helen Haste, University of Bath, the BA

Wed 26th April 2006, Geological Aspects of the Boxing Day Tsunami 2004, Dr John Gahan, Farnham Geological Society

Wed 17th May 2006, Images from Mars Express, Jerry Workman, Chairman Loughton Astronomical Society

Richmond Scientific Society Programme 2004-05

Wed 22nd Sept 2004, The Asthma Epidemic: victims of our own success, Dr Mark Larche, National Heart and Lung Institute

Wed 6th Oct 2004, AGM with wine and cheese, and bring-and-buy book sale, and a short presentation by the President, (All are invited)

Wed 27th Oct 2004, The Perils of Scientific Journalism, a talk and discussion, chaired by Dr Alun Lewis, Royal Holloway, University of London

Wed 24th Nov 2004, Nanotechnology - What kind of genie is coming out of the lamp?, Dr Robert Potter, Johnson Matthey Technology Centre

Wed 15th Dec 2004, The Unconscious Shopper (with Christmas wine and nibbles), Dr Nigel Marlow, Dept of Consumer and Business Psychology, London Metropolitan University

Wed 26th Jan 2005, Life on Other Worlds?, Dr Alan, Longstaff, Freelance Science Writer

Wed 23rd Feb 2005, Bioactive Glass - toxic or turn-on?, Dr Ian Thompson, Dept of Materials, Imperial College

Wed 16th March 2005, From Anthills to Labyrinths Engineering sustainable architecture, Patrick Bellew, Consultant Environmental Engineer

Wed 27th April 2005, Nutrition and Health in the 21st Century, Prof Christine Williams, School of Food Biosciences, University of Reading

Wed 18th May 2005, A Guide to the End of the World: everything you never wanted to know, Prof Bill McGuire, Dept of Earth Sciences, University College

Richmond Scientific Society Programme 2003-04


Wed 24th Sept, Cancer Genes: What do they do?, Prof. Chris Marshall FRS, The Institute of Cancer

Wed 8th Oct 2003, AGM with wine and cheese, and bring-and-buy book sale, (All are invited)

Wed 22nd Oct 2003, Propping up Pisa, Prof. John Burland FRS, Imperial College

Wed 26th Nov 2003, Reminiscences of the Docklands Light Railway, Kenneth J Fergusson, Ex Managing Director of DLR

Wed 17th Dec 2003, Glow Worms (with Christmas wine and nibbles) Robin Scagell

Wed 28th Jan 2004, The Scientific Detection of Fakes and Forgeries, Dr Paul Craddock, British Museum

Wed 25th Feb 2004, Deep Ocean Ridges, Prof Mary Fowler, Royal Holloway, University of London

Wed 24th March 2004, Steering Ahead with Hydrogen, Prof. Z Xiao Guo, Queen Mary, University of London

Wed 28th April 2004, Radiation - the Good, the Bad, and the Gray, Dr Martin Sene, National Physical Laboratory

Wed 19th May 2004, Alfred Russel Wallace in the Amazon - the making of a naturalist, Dr Sandra Knapp, Natural History Museum

Richmond Scientific Society Programme 2002-03

Wed 25th Sept 2002, The Bloody Truth, Claire Conlon Austin, Forensic Science Service

Wed 23rd Oct 2002, Military Geology in Peace and War, Dr Edward Rose, Royal Holloway University of London

Wed 27th Nov 2002, The Science of Climate Change, Dr Chris Gordon, The Met Office

Wed 18th Dec 2002, A photographer’s look at Richmond, Park Christmas Wine and Nibbles, Ron Teague & Joyce Bing

Wed 22nd Jan 2003, Space Debris, Dr Derek McNally, Retired Dir.of Uni.Lond.Observatory

Wed 26th Feb 2003, Scientific Aspects of a Bronze Age Project, Dr Nick Branch, Royal Holloway

Wed 26th March 2003, Richmond, Beagle II from Hertfordshire to Mars, Barrie Kirk, Astrium (Space) Ltd

Wed 23rd April 2003, Your life in your hands, Prof Jane Plant CBE, British Geological Survey

Wed 28th May 2003, Science and Engineering - What is the Difference?, Sir Peter Williams, President, the British Association Chairman of Engineering & Technology Board

Richmond Scientific Society Programme 2001-02

Wed 26th Sept 2001, M-theory - the theory of everything?, Dr Jerome Gauntlett, Queen Mary

Wed 24th Oct 2001, Why things go wrong in structural engineering?, Dr Tom Wyatt, Imperial College

Wed 28th Nov 2001, Palaeontology takes a sideways look at oilwells, Dr Haydon Bailey, Stratigraphic Consultant

Wed 12nd Dec 2001, The strange origin of the English apple, Dr Barrie Juniper, Plant Sci. Oxford

Wed 23rd Jan 2002, The conservation of public records, Mario Leppo, Public Record Office

Wed 27th Feb 2002, Diet and cancer - is there a link?, Dr Elaine Stone, World Cancer Res.Fund

Wed 27th Mar 2002, Lighting in London, Dr Brian Bowers, Science Museum

Wed 24th Apr 2002, Unusual applications of radar, Prof.Phil Williams, Racal Decca

Wed 29th May 2002, The History of the King’s Observatory, Dr Tom Blaney, NPL