In today’s modern and changing world, the ability of our students to be adaptable is imperative to their success. Students need to be able to change their thinking based on their observations, what they do with new information or outcomes of experiments, whether successful or not.

At Heathfield, the data loggers are perfect for helping us introduce computing and technology into our primary curriculum. Our young minds are so inquisitive! Using data loggers as part of our scientific equipment in the classrooms, helps bring science lessons to life and builds confidence in the children with using technology that is not normally present in class.

The Year 6 class thoroughly enjoyed using their data loggers in their science lessons. It allowed them to improve their accuracy of their results: automatically capturing the required information, reducing the risk of human error and removing the risk of a forgotten, or missed reading.

The photo was taken during a mufti day so I am afraid the children are not wearing school uniform. Many thanks to you and everyone at the Richmond Science Society for the grant to buy data loggers. It really has made a big difference to our science curriculum.


Amy, Callum, Aimee and Danielle